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A tiki cocktail festival at Jamjar Diner and healthy cooking at Le15 cafe


Tiki Cocktail Festival at Jamjar Diner, VersovaTiki Cocktail Festival at Jamjar Diner, Versova

Versova’s charming home-styled diner is drawing inspiration from all things Polynesian for its limited-edition drinks menu. The Tiki Cocktails festival at Jamjar Diner features an assortment of rum-based cocktails with fresh fruits and a dash of coconut. Try the Blue Hawaiin, which mixes together Bacardi white with fresh pineapple blended in coco syrup or blue Curacao with your brunch this weekend. Coffeeholics will love the Bahama Mama made from dark rum, coffee liquer, pineapple juice and coconut syrup. We also like the sound of the Aloha (fresh pear blended with tequila, orange liqueur and elderflower) and the Melon Head (fresh musk melon, midori with Bacardi blended in sour mix).

Those who like their drinks strong can try the Laka Nuki (white, gold and dark rum with orange juice and passion fruit syrup) or the Cuban Diver (mojito with beer for an extra buzz). You’ll have to make do with the colourful Tiki mugs though – they are kind of cute.

Where: Jamjar Diner, Plot No. 7A & B, Aram Nagar ll, Jai Prakash Road, Versova, Andheri West
When: Till September 30, 12:30pm to 1am
Call: 02226358880, 02226368880
Cost: Rs 327 (plus taxes) onwards


Chef Pablo Naranjo Agular, the Colombian-born chef at the Le 15 café in Colaba, will conduct a healthy cooking class next week. All the dishes made will use simple, fresh ingredients. The menu for the class includes Zucchini and Apple Soup, Romaine Salad with Lime and Honey dressing, Green Leaves Salad with Greek Yoghurt Dressing and Fruit Salad with Mint and Green Tea as dessert. So if you’re a fan of the chef’s food or are looking to get started with cooking healthy and quick, don’t let this chance slip by.

When: Septemeber 24, 4pm to 7pm
Book your spot at studiofifteen.in
Call: 8454046544
Cost: Rs 3,500