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Sonam Kapoor loves pav bhaji, pani puri and sugar-free cakes: The Foodie interview

Sonam Kapoor loves pav bhaji, pani puri and sugar-free cakes: The Foodie interview

One of Bollywood’s most stylish actors, Sonam Kapoor is also a huge food lover, and loves all kinds of street food. Here, she talks to Express Foodie about pav bhaji, organic food and how she stays in shape despite being an adventurous eater.

Aren’t you a big fan of street food?
Yes, since Mumbai is big on street food. I sometimes feel really sad that I can’t eat at my favourite street food outlets anymore. I like all kinds of chaat: bhel puri to pani puri, and the best place to get it is at Elco Pani Puri Centre, in Bandra. Every community in Mumbai has its own kind of chaat. I would go to Amar Juice Centre in Vile Parle for their pav bhaji. The Brijwasi store next to the Babulnath Temple serves fabulous masala milk. For meat lovers, it has to be either Bhindi Bazaar or Bade Miya. I like Indian fast food, and am not too fond of pizzas.

How do you maintain your fitness levels?
There is no escaping the fact that a diet plan is the most important thing to keep in mind when trying to lose or maintain your weight. A diet rich in high protein and low in bad carbs is effective for weight loss. I am really strict about my diet and indulge sometimes. When I do break my diet, I will pick the best option from the menu.

What do you eat for breakfast usually?
It is a combination of fruit, oatmeal, egg whites and a protein shake. Sometimes, I have a meal of simple carbohydrates – a few servings of fruit and low-fat Greek yoghurt, since it provides enough energy to keep me going.

What about lunch and dinner?
When I’m on a diet, it’s usually a salad, dal and chapati, or fish. Egg whites and lean meat such as chicken, and fish are protein rich and have low triglycerides and cholesterol. I avoid red meat and my chapatis are multi-grained or made from bajra. I’m mostly vegetarian and eat fish once in a while. I’m trying to go vegan now. While I’m at work and hungry between meals, I have nuts and dry fruits. People ditch their diet when they travel. But I stock up on apples and health bars, or order a sandwich. I like the cakes from Divya Ranglani’s Healthy Treats. She makes lovely gluten-free and sugar-free cakes.

What’s your poison?
I don’t drink. So it’s coconut water, buttermilk and cucumber juice.

Which are your favourite restaurants?
I love Gajalee in Mumbai for their really delicious tandoor crab. I’m also a fan of the idlis at Arya Bhavan. The gin chicken and potato is a favourite at the Radio Club in Colaba. I go to The Pantry for its ambience and because they cook with organic ingredients. If you are celebrating, The Table, in Colaba, is a great place. In Singapore, I like the eateries around Mohamed Sultan Road. My favourite breakfast place is Angelina, in Paris, on Rue de Rivoli. Delhi has some fabulous restaurants, especially the old world ones. I used to go to Karim’s for its meat dishes. Bengal Sweet House and Parathewaali Galli, not to forget the dhabas near JNU are also big favourites in Delhi. I also love the aloo bonda at Ganga Dhaba.

What are your favourite cuisines?
Pan Asian. I love Thai, Japanese and Vietnamese. Greek cuisine is another favourite. I also love Bengali food, especially the mustard fish, and cholar dal.

Do you bring back food when you travel?
I buy a lot of honey and olive products, particularly from New Zealand, and chocolates and cheese.