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Shraddha Kapoor on Kalwan bhaat, seafood and ginger tea: The Foodie Interview

Shraddha Kapoor on Kalwan bhaat, seafood and ginger tea: The Foodie Interview


This Maharashtrian mulgi is a huge seafood fan, and also likes sushi. Kapoor is also into chocolates, though she is particular about eating her last meal of the day before 8pm.

What’s the secret of your great figure?

High fibre food, and lots of protein, my fantastic metabolism, and the fact that I don’t eat beyond 8 pm! If you never skip meals and stick to a schedule,  you will be just fine.

Which is your favourite cuisine or dish?

There are so many. I like the fish curry and Kalwan bhaat that Maharashtrians make. Generally, pomfret is used in the curry. My mother cooks the Kalwan curry rice really well. Then there is the Maharashtrian-style mutton curry, which is very spicy. I also like Pan Asian cuisine, sushi and, especially, Khow Suey from Burma.

What do you enjoy the most about your mother’s cooking?

She cooks Maharashtrian food really well: fish biryani, prawn rice curry, fried fish…as you can see, I am a seafood aficionado.  My nani is also a very good cook; she is the one who passed on the traditional recipes to my mom.

What’s your favourite street food?

Sev puri! I can eat it every day. I ate some great street food in Ahmedabad, at the night food market at Manek Chowk, when we shooting for a film in the city. The Gujaratis really know how to snack well.

What’s your favourite tipple?

Ghar ki chai, with lots of ginger.

What is your breakfast like?

That is my favourite meal of the day. I ensure that I eat well. It could be a variation of any of these: omelette, poha, paratha, particularly if it is dal paratha, thepla, dalia, a sandwich, or scrambled eggs.

And what are your other meals like?

Lunch is simple: dal, rotis, green vegetables, or seafood. I like to stick to proteins in the night, so it could be grilled seafood, or even fish curry with brown bread or brown rice. I am very fond of tadke wali dal that Maharashtrians make. I am a Maharashtrian mulgi at heart.

What’s that one thing you always get back from your travels?

Chocolates! My fridge is full of chocolates and I buy them from little patisseries in the cities I travel to, or from the airports. Chocolate cake is my guilty pleasure.

Which are the restaurants you like?

In Mumbai, it is Wasabi and Gajalee . In London, it is Nobu, and Ping Pong for their dim sum. I also like Cipriani, in New York.