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Here are a few reasons why egg yolk is actually good for you

Here are a few reasons why egg yolk is actually good for you

Boiled or poached eggs are more nutritious than the fried version or cheese-loaded omelettes. Photograph by Snowpea&bokchoi/Flickr

Every second study that is published in a journal across the world has decided what you should and shouldn’t eat for the past few years. Why not rely on the wealth of nutritional wisdom that our parents and grandparents lived by instead, asks Suvarna Sawant, chief dietician at Jaslok Hospital in Mumbai. “Our food has not changed as much as our lifestyle has,” says Sawant, “The levels of pollution were less decades ago but the stress levels were also far less,” she says, “The kind of food we eat cannot be blamed entirely. How we cook it is to be blamed. Moderation is key when it comes to eating.”

The merits of egg yolk are many, and you can eat upto three to four full eggs a week, says Sawant. “But if you eat them fully fried or filled with cheese in an omelette, all its properties will be lost,” she adds, “If you eat eggs without adding any kind of fat – either as boiled or semi boiled or poached, it’s good for your diet. If you stop eating egg yolk but continue eating all kinds of fried food, your cholesterol levels will continue to rise.”

boiled egg - Lisa WilliamsA boiled egg three times a week does you more good than harm. Photograph by Lisa Williams/Flickr

Here are some of the benefits of egg yolk, according to Sawant

Egg yolk contains vitamins that are not found in the white. “It contains vitamins A, D, E and K,” says Sawant.

It also contains antioxidants such as zeaxanthin. “Zeaxanthin is good for your vision and is found in the retina and cannot be produced by the body (so you’ll need to get it from a food source).”

Yolk also contains lutein, which is also an antioxidant.