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Shahid Kapoor loves to snack on samosas and bhajiyas: The Foodie interview

Shahid Kapoor loves to snack on samosas and bhajiyas: The Foodie interview

What’s the secret behind those six-pack abs especially since you’re vegetarian?
You will rarely find high carb or fatty food on my plate, even though it’s tough to maintain this diet. I do taken protein supplements to ensure that my protein requirements are met. I was extremely thin when I was young and was a dancer in Shiamak Davar’s troupe. I still remember the day when Shah Rukh Khan dropped in. He saw me and asked Shiamak if he started his troupe members.

Today, I know my fitness goals better and ensure I get the best from my diet and exercise. It is not easy especially when you have a specific physique in mind and you’re not getting any animal protein. So my diet is packed with healthy foods such as beans, spinach, fruits and fresh vegetables. I eat several small meals a day, so that my energy levels don’t dip.

How did you go from being a meat lover to a complete vegetarian?
I love chaat. When I am out riding my bike at night, I make vada pav stops. I also love eating samosas and bhajiyas when it rains.

What do you binge on?
I read Life is Fair by Brian Hines many years ago. My father had gifted it to me and I read it on a flight. The book dealt with karma, rebirth and the ethics of eating meat. I never touched non-vegetarian again after reading it.

We’ve heard you drink a lot of coffee.
I love coffee and can drink up to eight to ten cups of coffee a day. When I travel across the world, I buy gourmet coffee. Davidoff is my favourite brand. I relied on caffeine to get into the skin of my character Tommy Singh for Udta Punjab. (Kapoor played a Punjabi rapper and a cokehead in the film). Since I don’t drink alcohol and, of course, stay very clear of substance abuse I drank several cups of coffee before shooting. However, in beautiful company, I don’t mind a glass of wine.

Which are your favourite cuisines?
Indian, Chinese, Italian, Japanese. I am a die-hard Punjabi boy. My favourite kind of food is home cooked and I cannot resist rajma chawal. Nothing can beat ghar ka khana.

Do you know how to cook?
I am pretty good at making all sorts of parathas -— aloo, gobi, cheese, paneer.

Which are your favourite restaurants in India?
The Lotus Café at JW Marriott (Mumbai), for their coffee; I also love Ming Yang at Taj Land’s End (Mumbai) for their Chinese food. I go to Yukka at St Regis Hotel for their Thai green curry and Jasmine rice.