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This cool gadget turns your wine bottle into a wine glass


guzzle buddy2Photograph via guzzlebuddy.com

There’s just a glass or two of wine left to be finished from your favourite bottle of wine at a party and all the wine glasses have disappeared. If you’ve decided to call dibs on the last of the wine, then this gadget will come in handy. The aptly named Guzzle Buddy is a clever little gadget that can be attached to the bottle so that you can drink straight from the bottle. The wine glass, minus a base, has a stem that can be attached to the bottle and removed when you’re done with it.

The Guzzle Buddy just doesn’t get fixed to the bottle, but makes it look good. The glass is made from durable and premium borosilicate, which means that wine snobs who look at their wine glasses against light checking for bubbles will find none. Not only does the bottle of wine look less clunky, the Guzzle Buddy is also a great gift idea for wine lovers.

guzzle buddy3

As the box that Guzzle Buddy is delivered in suggests, the glass will also help you steer clear of the painful wine wrist. Now unless you’re a sommelier or have a serious alcohol problem, the wine wrist fix sounds like hardsell. The Guzzle Buddy website also claims that the gadget allows wine to be aired more easily. Not like we needed any more convincing.

Despite the fact that we may end up looking like the biggest wine glut who is too lazy to get up and pour himself another glass at parties, we love the Guzzle Buddy. And since the season of gifting has just begun, Guzzle Buddy also sounds like just the kind of gift for fun work buddies or even for weddings.

The Guzzle Buddy is available to pre-order for $29.99 a piece. To order visit guzzlebuddy.com