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Smoothies like you’ve never seen them before

Smoothies like you’ve never seen them before

Photographs via @leefromamerica


There are reportedly over 500 million users on Instagram. Out of these, 300 million are active users. And, it won’t be a stretch to say that a large number of these active users post photos of food. In January this year, according to business.com, around 168,375,343 posts were for #food and 76,239,441 posts for #foodporn. While a lot of these food pics are taken on the spur of the moment — some turn out good, some should be instantly deleted — there is a niche within the photo-sharing service that sees users who devote a lot of attention to the stuff they are posting. This space includes artfully arranged and photographed pics — a little too artfully —  from faddists, wellness enthusiasts and food extremists, all of which gets a bit tiring after a while, and then, there is Lee Tilghman. Tilghman is a Los Angeles-based “recipe developer, who loves peanuts, avocado and running”. She is also into organic farming, has “trained at a raw vegan cafe in her hometown of Fairfield, Connecticut for three years” and is a graduate with a degree in Creative Writing. We are sure Tilghman is exceedingly good at what she does, but we reckon that most of her over 47,000 followers especially look forward to her ‘smoothie’ posts. Nobody does smoothies like Tilghman, and nymag.com calls her the Smoothie Queen of America. Tilghman makes smoothies with all kinds of things — dragonfruit, acai, spirulina, almond butter — and they all look positively divine. Here, take a look.






And, there’s some appetising-looking quinoa porridge as well: