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Follow this healthy meal plan to recharge after your workout

Follow this healthy meal plan to recharge after your workout

A bowl of oats for breakfast soon after your early morning workout is a great, low calorie source of protein. Photograph by Richy!/Flickr

What you eat after your workout depends on the time of the day you’re exercising and your diet plan if you’re following one. Nutritionist and fitness expert Samreedhi Goel lists a few basic postworkout snack ideas for those who aren’t on a weight loss or gain programme. “Ideally, it is great if you can eat soon after your workout, preferably within 15 minutes after the workout because this is the best time for the nutrients to be absorbed,” says Goel, “But ensure that you’re getting food from all three food groups including proteins, carbohydrates and those that include vitamins and minerals such as fruits and vegetables.”


nuts - Mariya ChornaIf you can’t eat your breakfast soon after your workout, have a handful of nuts. Photograph by Mariya Chorna/Flickr

If you’re working out before breakfast, it is advisable to eat a small snack of tea and biscuits or a few slices of fruit an hour or two before you begin exercising. These are the recommended post workout foods

A protein shake

“You can also have your breakfast rightaway but if breakfast is going to take a while, you can have a few almonds or dates.” Breakfast could be a bowl of oats, dalia (broken wheat) upma or poha or even parathas depending on your diet plan.


apple by Dave Shafer FlickrPhotograph by Dave Shafer/Flickr

Since you would have already had your breakfast before the workout, Goel recommends that you have a light snack or a fruit after your mid-morning exercise.

“You can also have green tea if you work out at 11 am or so,” says Goel.


If you prefer exercising a few hours after lunch, Goel recommends you eat your evening snack after your workout. This could be a fruit or a handful of dried fruits such as almonds or walnuts. “You can even have a vegetable sandwich or bhel made from spouts or a handful of roasted makhna (lotus seeds,” adds Goel.


Goel suggests that you head straight for dinner after your evening exercise.