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From pumpkin seeds to peanut butter: Gifting ideas for an ‘organic’ Diwali


mithai_haiderzsGive traditional gifts a miss, go organic this Diwali. Source: haiderzs/Flickr

If you’re still clueless about Diwali gifts for friends and dear ones, it’s not too late (well, a bit, to be honest). And if you’re looking to bring in Diwali gifting with a bang, and pick options that are unique and healthy, we suggest you give organic edibles a go. They are loaded with goodness and are perfect to spread some healthful cheer during the festivities. Here are a few organic options that ought to go in your Diwali hampers this year.


Mouling Classic Summer Black TeaThe Mouling Classic Summer Black Tea. Source: Tea Box website

 As Indians, we love chaai. And if you’re looking for a unique Diwali gift, make sure your little hamper to loved ones has some tea. For those who prefer all things organic, Teabox has a separate section dedicated to organic teas across the green, black and regular tea leaf categories. Sourced fresh from top-tea producing areas like Assam, Darjeeling, and the Nilgiris in India, the website also has a few options all the way from Nepal. The Mouling Classic Black Summer Tea from Mouling Tea Estate in North East India, promises a strong blend with complex yet clean flavours. Others worth a try on this site include the hand-rolled Deha Classic Summer Green Tea from Assam and the flavourful Selim Hill Classic Spring Green Tea from Darjeeling.


seedsRoasted and salted sunflower seeds. Source: Naturally Yours website

Health freaks swear by super-seeds and superfoods and one of the best gifts for them would be a pack or two of healthy seeds. Organically sourced seeds have the added goodness of being pesticide- and preservative-free. Sunflower seeds, flax seeds, pumpkin seeds would be ideal gift choices. Naturally Yours has a wide array of these seeds that are available both raw and roasted, to suit individual preferences.


Organic almonds from Down to Earth. Source: Organic Shop website

One of the most popular Diwali gifting options, there’s hardly anything who wouldn’t appreciate receiving nuts as a gift. While regular, store-bought nuts are just fine, organic nuts promise better quality, optimal preservation and are eco-friendly, which makes for a thoughtful gift. And if you’re looking to mix up cashews and walnut, head to Organi Shop, that houses assorted nuts from premium organic brands like Down to Earth and Organic Tattva.

Brown Rice

RiceOrganic red rice from Dear Earth. Source: The Goodness Store website

Nothing says healthy gifting than a pack of organic rice. At The Goodness Store, you get the option to pick from super healthy and organic variants like red rice, brown rice, as well as fragrant Basmati rice in white and brown varieties. Available in 1kg packs, the website offers pan India delivery, making your Diwali gifting hassle-free.

Dark chocolate peanut butter

Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter from Jimmy’s Gourmet Kitchen. Source: Taste Bells website

This Diwali, turn the concept of “meetha” on its head with some organic, hand-made peanut butter. A perfect gift for the vegan and health-conscious alike, organic peanut butter is infused with natural flavours and uses choicest of natural ingredients, making it a healthy, nutritious substitute to mass-produced peanut butters that are stuffed with chemicals, colours, additives and preservatives. Taste Bells offers a good variety of organic peanut butters from Jimmy’s Gourmet Kitchen, known for its all-natural, hand-made foods. With cacao, organic peanuts, coconut sugar and cinnamon added to the mix, this peanut butter is a must-buy this Diwali.