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Meet the Foodsniffer, a device that can tell good meat from bad



The Foodsniffer can tell you whether your meat or fish is safe to be consumed. Photographs via myfoodsniffer.com

Our nose tells us a lot of things. Like, there’s something nice cooking in the kitchen for instance, or the person you have a crush on was in the elevator just minutes ago. And, it can even tell you when the food you are about to purchase smells a bit off. But, to be doubly sure, you need a digital nose, something like the Foodsniffer, which is just the thing to have when you are out buying fish or meat. The way the device works is pretty simple. It focuses on gases emitted by meat or fish to determine its freshness, and warns you of bacteria and other party poopers that can make you really sick. (Apparently, evil micro-organisms in our food can actually make us sick, without the food looking, tasting, or smelling bad.)


Simply wave the portable device over the meat or fish, and the device starts doing its job

The portable Foodsniffer, which is about the size of a rather large electric shaver, uses sensors to to check for volatile organic compounds such as ammonia — there are apparently over hundred of these — and it then instantly sends the data across to your cell phone informing you of the results. (Quite naturally, it works via an app, like most things these days). The device can work up to 12 hours and since it can connect to the internet, it constantly updates information regarding storage and spoilage. Head over to myfoodsniffer.com for more information.

WATCH: How the Foodsniffer works here