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You can’t go wrong with these 7 fail-proof, healthy eating tips


Fruits - nadja robotIf you must snack between meals, pick a fruit – it’s far healthier. Source: nadja robot/Flickr

One of the most common misconceptions around healthy eating is the fact that it takes a lot of work. Sure, eating right and clean is a lifestyle change and does call for some (okay, a lot) adjustments. But it need not be tiresome or something that involves elaborate prepping. A few changes here and there, staying mindful of the small, insignificant habits can really go a long way to ensure that eating clean becomes a habit.

A lot of times, we tend to confuse thirst with hunger and end up nibbling on a few biscuits or whatever (unhealthy) is around. Keeping a bottle of water handy at your desk would be helpful. Use a one litre bottle – that way, you can also ensure you’re well-hydrated (two to three refills at least).

We’re only human and cravings are bound to happen, no matter how steadfast your resolve to eat right. If you feel the urge to just eat something sweet, pass up that bar of chocolate and opt for a serving of dates instead (5-6 are enough). They taste great, are loaded with iron and give you an instant energy boost.
Check out their benefits here:

If you’re the kind to want dessert after dinner every now and then, stock up on chilled yoghurt at home. Add a handful of nuts, some pulpy fruits like bananas, strawberries (when they’re in season), dried fruits like cashew, figs and almonds for a tasty, healthy dessert.

Your mother and doctor may have been harping on this and they’re absolutely right. Do not skip breakfast, even if you’re in a tearing hurry. Make a smoothie and take it to go, it will fill you up and you’ll be likely to graze till lunch. Watch how to make it:

For those who cannot do without several refills of tea or coffee through the day (too much isn’t all that great), begin by reducing the sugar and gradually work your way towards a really tiny amount or no sugar at all. We don’t really need any additional sugar in our diet, the food we eat supplies ample amount already.

Find ways to include fibre-rich foods in your diet – snack on fruits, have more of rajma or kidney beans, green leafy veggies and definitely shift to brown rice.
Watch how to make sautéed spinach:

Eggs are a wonderful ingredient and possibly one of the easiest to work with. Find 3-4 recipes that you enjoy and can whip up in a couple of minutes after a long day at work. Think masala omlette, scrambled eggs with a variety of seasonings and the like. You’ll be less inclined to reach for your phone and call for a greasy takeout.