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Now trending: Thai rolled ice creams


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If you’ve been to the beach paradise that is Phuket in Thailand, you may have eaten the ridiculously addictive Thai rolled ice cream at one of the night markets. To make the rolls, fresh fruit, chocolate or even cookies and liquid ice cream are mashed together on an ice pan, and scraped off into thin rolls, and served usually with a swirl of chocolate syrup.

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Like most street food, it’s quick and cheap. In the last few months, the Thai rolled ice creams have made their way to Manhattan and Philadelphia and have turned into the latest summer craze in New York. But much like everything else that is made in the US, the ice cream too can now only be described as excessive. The delicate Thai rolls have been transformed into a dessert that is freakishly overloaded with toppings such as entire Oreo cookies, marshmallows, M & Ms, cookie butter and fruit – all in one cup.

Where have the rolls disappeared?

In America, there is no such thing as too many pretzels.

While we can’t wait for Thai roll ice creams to come to India, we’ll take the original, please.