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Want the Rotimatic? Get on the waitlist

Want the Rotimatic? Get on the waitlist

Photograph via Zimplistic

Punjabi housewives may not approve of this machine, but there’s already a waitlist for the Rotimatic, a roti robot invented by an Indian couple based in Singapore. The pre-order batch of Rotimatic is all sold out and looks nothing like the steel roti maker that we’re familiar with in India.

This sleek model operates on artificial intelligence, based on patented adaptive technology, to make these rotis. All you have to do is add flour, water, oil and salt and Rotimatic will roll out 20 rotis at one go, almost in a manner in which a photocopy machine spits out paper (see video below). You can even add spices such as chilli powder and turmeric, but no wet ingredients such as cheese or leafy vegetables. The machine can even gauge the humidity and protein content of the dough. Eight technologies have been patented during the making of the Rotimatic.

Pranoti Nagarkar-Israni, a mechanical engineer, and her husband Rishi Israni, who are the founders of the company Zimplistic, first released a prototype of the Rotimatic at Startup Singapore, a showcase for startup companies and even won an award for it. Last year, investors pitched in $11.5 million in funds for the Rotimatic, which now sells at $999. Almost 8,000 units of the roti-making robot have been sold across Singapore and in the United States and the initial user reviews sound positive.

We do hope a Gujarati entrepreneur is already thinking of a Theplamatic.