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Taste Test: Koyla Versova’s new menu


Koyla's Chicken Platter - New Menu

The chicken platter at Koyla

Koyla has long been known for its wide array of roasted fare, and the new menu at their Versova outpost does not disappoint. A quick glance at the revamped menu reveals equal options in vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes across soups, appetisers and mains. So, you’re spoilt for choice between dishes such as Cream of Mushroom soup (Rs 140), the Chicken Nimbu Dhaniya Shorba (Rs 180), an Assorted Sizzling Veg. Platter (Rs 425), an exhaustive list of kebabs in different flavours and styles right down to mains like Lasooni Palak (Rs 350) or Koyla’s Murg Tikka Masala (Rs 460). If you’re a vegetarian with a sweet spot for mushroom – Nawabi Mushroom Tikka (Rs 300 for six pieces) is what you need to pick.

The kebabs, which look like tiny mushroom sandwiches stuffed with cheese, are mild stuff and grilled just enough for that smoky flavour. For hard-core meat eaters, Koyla’s Sizzling Chicken Platter (Rs 795) comes highly recommended for the sheer variety it packs in. Look out for their Sizzling Seafood Platter (Rs 1700) that includes a moist yet well-grilled tandoori pomfret and 6 pieces each of rawas tikka (that unfortunately failed to impress) and prawns – someone in their kitchen sure knows how to love prawns right.

Assorted Bread Basket - New Menu

Meat lovers can try the Handi Goshth (Rs 620) only if you like your meat mildly spiced. For more robust flavours, the Chatpata Goshth (Rs 750) is your thing. The mains have a fixed Mughlai, North Indian theme and have vegetarian and non-vegetarian options that can leave you confused. (Pro Tip: Ask your server for suggestions, skip the trouble – the staff is courteous and well-informed.) And if, like us, you can’t do without dessert, there are hot and cold options: pillowy soft Gulab Jamuns (Rs 150) or Fresh Rabdi (Rs 175) that come topped with dry fruits and saffron strands to paint a pretty, Instagram-worthy picture.