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Here’s an app to reach the world’s best chefs


Nina TarasovaCelebrated Russian pastry chef Nina Tarasova is on Chefstalk

Whether it’s a stunning sorbet made with blackcurrant and served with Bavarian cream or Bavaroise or a dessert made using strawberry and hibiscus that you can’t take your eyes off, chefstalk is an app that’s giving some of the best chefs and pastry lovers across the world ideas.

The app, which recently launched a videos feature, is not for the make-peanut-butter-cups-in 10-minutes audience. These are world renowned pastry chefs including the likes of Russian queen of bakes, Nina Tarasova and Diego Lozano, the Brazilian pastry chef, who has held the title of World Chocolate master for seven consecutive years, making serious art in the name of desserts.


Chefstalk maybe biased towards those with a sweet tooth but also includes dishes other than desserts, which are equally gorgeous to look at. A plate of octopus, beetroot, onion and amaranth is in perfect symmetry and so well colour coded that it could be a canvas. The app is not only a place for users to share recipes or comment in real time via a Live Messenger feature, but is turning into a platform for chefs to swap notes too.