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Have you tried the Rainbow Cake at Fatty Bao yet?


bophut village hot chicken wings

Bophut Village Hot Chicken Wings at Mamagoto


Mamagoto‘s just updated its menu, and the Pan Asian restaurant’s new line-up focuses on authentic Chinese and Thai dishes. Mamagoto wants to direct your attention to lesser known delights of the Far East, and so you have stuff such as Bophut Village Hot Chicken Wings, Cheese and Truffle Dumplings, Massaman Curry with Duck and Litchis, Steamed Fish and Prawns and Soft Shell Crab in the signature Mamagoto sauce. Other delights include Sesame Prawn Balls, and Bali Bamie Noodles, besides the Three Pepper Bomb that is served in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

HRC LTO Smoke Fire Spice shrimp


Hard Rock Cafe‘s outlets across the country will now be serving up dishes inspired by global street food. The Smoke Fire Spice menu, says HRC, “draws inspiration from the spices, seasonings and sauces of popular street foods found around the world.” The chain has worked on a range of specialty rubs, seasonings and sauces to go with their grills, or other dishes. The sauces developed for the new menu include Charmoula; Chimichurri and Chipotle. The menu also features some new cocktails, including Triple Threat (three rums, grenadine and orange juice); Trip to Hell (light and dark rum blend, with brandy and orange juice) and Paradise Punch (gold and dark rum, pomegranate syrup, hard rock lemonade, splashed with bitters). Until September 30



Frozen Rainbow cake_ The Fatty Bao_ Sanjay Ramchandran-02The Fatty Bao is celebrating its first anniversary in Mumbai with a spread that features dies from Singapore, Hanoi and Hong Kong, among other southeast Asian countries. The menu features Vietnamese Saigon Bun Rieu, Malaysian Malacca Asam Pedas, Lo Bak Go from Hong Kong and Carbon Tiger Prawn Tempura from Japan. And, there are Kimchi Fries, which are baked with cheese; broccoli stir-fried with bacon; and the Carbon prawn tempura is served with Yuzu Mayonnaise, Citrus Salad and Prawn Crackers. Plus, there’s a Rainbow Cake that looks delish. The cocktails on offer range from Master Po (whisky, Lapsang Souchang Tea-infused vodka and pineapple juice) to Jungle Giant (saffron-infused vodka, orange and lime). Until August 30, Rs 1,600 onwards