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Don’t throw away watermelon seeds

Don’t throw away watermelon seeds

Are watermelon seeds all hype? Photograph by Harsha KR/Flickr

Musk melon seeds being dried and shelled used to be a common sight in Indian households. These thin, nutty-flavoured seeds were usually added to crushed betel nut for flavour or eaten plain as a snack. But watermelon seeds for a snack is a new trend. As much as we’re beginning to dislike the overused term superfood, it’s what watermelon seeds are now being described as and are a particular hit with vegans.

watermelon seeds1 - SimonQ - FlickrPhotograph by Simon Q/Flickr

Sure, the seeds are rich in protein and contain an amino acid called arginine, which is known to regulate blood pressure levels and treating heart disease, but we get a sense that there’s also a marketing hype machine at work. Packaged watermelon seeds are now being sold as a bar snack, are being recommended for protein bars, as a salad seasoning and even as a topping for breakfast cereal.

Watermelon seeds are also being used to make butter that is a hit with raw food lovers. The butter maybe a fad that’ll blow out soon, but we’d like to see how long it’ll take for the seeds to hit the shelves of organic, uber expensive, food halls across the country.