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Six delicious smoothies to make when you want to eat healthy


Smoothie_John WatsonSmoothies are a healthy way to begin your day. Source: John Watson/Flickr

Making a switch to healthy eating takes serious effort and a lot of time. And, more often than not, there is the danger of slipping back into old habits because we end up limiting ourselves to a handful of ingredients that make for monotonous meals. What would help is switching things around and trying different combinations of ingredients that fit into your diet plan. Including smoothies as part of your meals is a good way to make healthy eating fun.

Most smoothies take barely five minutes to make and usually include fruits, yoghurt, milk (or a non-dairy substitute for vegans), nuts, and a few veggies to pack in a whole lot of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and fibre into a glass without really trying too hard. Extremely easy to make, you do not need any special culinary skills to ace a few recipes. There’s no cooking involved and you only need to know how to chop and cut fruits and vegetables to make yourself a glass of this power-packed goodness. Smoothies are also extremely versatile and do not call for specific ingredients, just ensure you are using fresh veggies and fruits at all times, and you’re good to go. They’re a great way to get kids to eat healthy, and a few tricks like a fancy straw, or a funky serving cup/glass will make the healthy drinks way more appealing to them.

wp-1476250167814.jpgFruit-based smoothies cancel the need for additional sugar. Source: Nikki L/Flickr

Adding oats, nuts and fruits to milk is a great way to have your breakfast on the go, especially on days when you’re in a rush to make it to work. The high fibre content in these smoothies also ensures that you stay full for a long time, cutting out the need to grab a snack between breakfast and lunch. Not just breakfast, smoothies make for a great snack and by switching up a few ingredients, you can make snacking healthy and hassle-free. While there are thousands of possible combinations that you can use to make smoothies, these six recipes are a great place to begin.

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