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Thanksgiving food that is good for you

Thanksgiving food that is good for you

Turkey is a richly flavoured lean meat that is packed with protein

Some of the best restaurants across the country have planned Thanksgiving dinners on November 24. Before you turn the occasion around into a binge fest, you should know that not everything that is served on Thanksgiving Day is unhealthy. But again, choose your Thanksgiving food well. High sugar, high fat food will neutralize the benefits of all of these foods. Here are four foods that are essential to every Thanksgiving Day feast, which are packed with goodness


Stuffed turkey is the centrepiece of every Thanksgiving dinner. Turkey is an excellent form of lean meat and is more nutrient packed than chicken. Turkey meat is also great for all kinds of muscle ailments and helps repair cartilage damage.


pecans by Susie Wyshak - FlickrPecans are rich in antioxidants. Photograph by Susie Wysak/Flickr

Pecan cookies and pecan pies are a must at every Christmas and traditional Thanksgiving feast. Pecans are packed with Vitamin E and contain the most amount of antioxidants compared to all other nuts including walnuts and almonds. Although if you’re going to polish off a large slice of pecan pie, you’re only going to add more calories. Opt for the no or low sugar cookies or choose a salad topped with pecans for a more nutritious meal.


Pumpkins are a low calorie option for dessert fiends. Naturally sweet, pumpkins lend themselves easily to pies and breads. They are also rich in fibre, which help in the functioning of the digestive system.


cranberries by pen waggener - flickrCranberries help prevent inflammation and ulcers. Photograph by Pen Waggener/Flickr

Berries are also a great source of antioxidants and cranberries are especially recommended to those who suffer from frequent urinary tract infections (UTIs). Cranberries also help prevent respiratory ailments as they boost the immune system. These berries also help prevent inflammation and lower blood cholesterol levels. This also helps bring down hypertension and prevent cardio vascular disease (CVD).