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This Instagrammer recommends airline food that is delicious


airline foodNikos Loukas, founder of inflightfeed.com

Did you know that you could pre-order a chocolate nut and fudge cake on Indigo Airlines? According to the founder of inflightfeed.com, a website set up to review airline food by Nikos Loukas, the cake tastes great. Loukas, who travels 1,80,000 km every year, has taken upon himself the unenviable task of documenting good (and bad) meals on board both domestic and international flights. This year, he is crowdfunding to finish filming his documentary on airline food, The Inflight Food Trip – It’s Not Just Plane Food.

His instagram account @inflightfeed recently had a rave review for Lufthansa’s Laugenstange roll and their chocolate cake (Loukas does have a bit of a sweet tooth), served on the route from Frankfurt to Dublin. Loukas also speaks highly of the meals served on Turkish Airlines, describing them as “some of the best in the sky”. The beef with butter tomato sauce served with Turkish rice and tomato puree is highly recommended, and was served on the business class on the airlines. If you’re travelling to Dublin, where Loukas is based, he recommends the Aer Lingus. A double bonus if you end up having breakfast on board because this expert believes that Aer Lingus’s Irish breakfast with sausages, seared tomatoes, traditional, artisan bread from Irish bread maker, McCambridge.

While on first look, there seem to be more business class and premium economy options on Loukas’s Instagram account, there is no real bias. Loukas has reviewed food across all sections on board and is also trains staff on airlines across the world airline to serve, sell and improve the inflight food experience. And no surprises that he didn’t have many good things to say about the food or service on board an Air India flight recently. As of now, Loukas’s website, which was set up in 2011, has information and reviews of over 150 airlines worldwide.

Watch the trailer of the airline food documentary here

The Inflight Food Trip – Crowdfunding Film Summer 2016 from James Mellor on Vimeo.

You can contribute to Loukas’s campaign here