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Jiro dreams of mosaic sushi?


Sushi mosaic - alpha -flickrMosaic sushi is an art that’s trending all over Japan right now. Photograph by Alpha/Flickr

A stone weight was placed on top of layers of clean, salted, raw fish between layers of rice and it was left to ferment for three years. This was how the world’s first sushi called nare-zushi was made in Japan some 1, 300 years ago. The rice was then thrown away since it was sour and only the fish was eaten, according to The Little Black Book of Sushi: The Essential Guide to the World of Sushi by Day Zschock.

Today, while robots are being employed to make sushi on one hand, there are others who are fine-tuning sushi making into an art form. Take the trend of mosaic sushi, for instance, that is making waves in Japan. Imagine the most gorgeous tiles that you would see in an architecture magazine or stained glass in a century-old church. The Japanese are turning these designs into edible art that is mosaic sushi. Here’s our pick from some of the best mosaic sushi that we’ve seen online





And this is how it’s done