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Taste Test: What to order from Mamagoto’s new menu


bophut village hot chicken wings-2

8/10 for the Bophut Village Hot Chicken Wings

The joy one feels when digging into a tub full of steaming hot chicken wings that are juicy, perfectly greased and saucy is unlike any other. But what if we told you that there does exist a bowl of this grease-gold that takes things up a notch? Meet Bophut Village Hot Chicken Wings, from Mamagoto’s revamped menu.

These Thai-spiced wings, with a hint of fiery coconut, are a delight in every sense of the word. When the menu says fiery, they aren’t kidding. It is spicy; the kind that will set your taste buds ablaze, make your eyes water and have you reaching out for your drink, or a glass of water. But wait, things get interesting immediately after. Once the initial shock settles down (pun unintended), the unmistakable nutty sweetness of sesame and coconut comes into play, effectively transporting you to chicken wing heaven. At Rs 319, this new addition to Mamagoto’s small plate spread will soon become a hit even with chicken wing purists who think it doesn’t get any better than Barbeque or Worcestershire sauce.

Prawns in Mama's sauce

Prawns in Mama’s sauce

For those looking to try milder or vegetarian options, there’s the translucent and shiny Crystal Dumpling (Rs 269/389 for a portion of 4/6 pieces) filled with water chestnut, shitake mushroom, lotus root and carrot. The Sesame Prawn Balls (Rs 499) served with mildly spicy wasabi mayo will find favour with seafood lovers. There’s something to be desired from the additions to the Mains section in Mamagoto’s new menu, but overall it gets a thumbs up from us.