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Foods that can boost your mood


Banana - shumpei sanoTryptophan and potassium in bananas help relieve stress. Source: Shumpei Sano/Flickr

We can’t blame you if you’re feeling blue or stressed this week. But making a slight alteration in your diet can help regulate your mood for the better. Certain foods help release endorphins that nhelp calm frayed nerves. Yes, we’re sure you thought of chocolate, which is great as a pick-me-up (especially dark chocolate), but too much of it isn’t good for your waistline. Vasudha Sainik, clinical nutritionist and a certified diabetes educator gives us a handy list of foods to consume when you’re down in the dumps and want to feel better.

Bananas have tryptophan which is converted to serotonin in the body, which can help to make you feel relaxed, and happier. High potassium content i this tropical fruit is vital to normalise heart beat, supply oxygen to the brain and regulate the natural water balance of the body, especially in times when you are stressed. Not just that, the carbohydrates in the bananas also promote a sense of satiety and help improve moods.

Plain curd or yoghurt (and even milk) has the right combination of calcium and proteins along with lactoacid bacillus, which are great for overall well-being and also has a sizeable amount of tryptophan that helps fight stress.

Coconut water is a naturally occurring isotonic fluid with the right electrolyte balance that can serve as an energy booster. Magnesium found in coconut water is essential for proper brain functioning and consuming coconut water can help you feel better immediately.

Strawberry - Fried DoughAntioxidants in strawberries help boost mood by reducing oxidative stress in the body. Source: Fried Dough/Flickr

Berries like strawberries and cranberries have an exceptionally high antioxidant and anthocyanin count. These antioxidants have a direct hold on oxidative stress and help regulate moods.

Beetroots have a high flavonoid content, which also imparts the colour to this root. Flavonoids and antioxidants together help boost mood. Moreover, betaine also known as trimethylglycerine TMG, that is found in beet is a minor mood enhancer. TMS sparks off a series of reactions in the body that help increase serotonin levels, ultimately helping relieve stress and even cases of depression.

Boiled eggs have the right combination of fat and protein and acts as a regulating factor on overall metabolism. Rich in Vitamin A, vitamin E, eggs also have vitamin B complex group – B6, B12 and folates that help boost endorphins or feel-good hormones in the blood stream. So, the taboo around including egg yolk is wrong and eggs (boiled) must be consumed whole.