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Now trending: Churro ice cream cones


karen - flickrChurros and chocolate. Photograph by Karen/Flickr

We remember the exact moment when we bit into a crisp churro in Mumbai. It was a rainy day like today, we were with fine company and eight years ago, the city had just been introduced to the fried goodness that is a churro. We’ve never been tempted to return to San Churros Chocolateria in Bandra because we had tasted the best that Spain had to offer at Churreria Las Farolas in Madrid. Word on the street is that there is something better than the classic combination of churros and chocolate: The ice cream churro cone.

Of course, if it’s a pastry trend, it had to be in America. There are several dessert cafes that are dishing out this treat. There’s ChikaLicious in NYC and Pancho’s bakery in Toronto that are all over Instagram right now. Hot and cold at once, we can’t think of anything better than fresh churro cones and ice cream for dessert. Somebody better get these to India quickly.