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Instagram is your only ticket to New York’s Museum of Ice Cream



There are many Wes Anderson moments at the Museum of Ice Cream, which opened on Friday (July 29), at the Whitney Museum of American Art. There’s an ice cream scoop room to build “The World’s Largest Ice Cream Sundae”, a helium-filled balloon made of sugar and the centrepiece – a room filled with rainbow-coloured sprinkles, known by now as the “swimming pool of sprinkles”.



Set up by Manhattan resident and creative strategist for companies such as Instagram and Facebook Maryellis Bunn and her partner, Manish Vora, an American of Indian origin, the museum has set social media buzzing with the number of photo and selfie-ops it has generated. Vora, a former investment banker with a keen appreciation for art, also set up Artlog, a digital store for contemporary art in 2008 and has been closely working with museums such as The New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York among others ever since.

At the Museum of Ice Cream, it is a given that every visitor gets a scoop of ice cream. But not everything’s kosher. As the museum’s website points out, “Unfortunately, we do not offer vegan, egg free, certified gluten-free or Kosher items at this time! If nuts are served, they will be labeled, but please note products may contain traces of nuts and we cannot guarantee preparation in a nut-free environment.”


The Museum of Ice Cream has already garnered over 19,000 followers on Instagram and close to 3,000 followers on Facebook, and for all those who couldn’t buy a ticket, this is the closest you’ll get to it.