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In Japan, there’s a cool new drink called Shari cola

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#くら寿司 思わず気になってた シャリコーラ! 北大路欣也さんの渋いポスターに囲まれて… 「体にやさしい、神業のコーラ。」 キャッチコピーも素敵😳⚡️ 京都の伝統的な製造方法である 「四段仕込み」の麹糖化技術を採用🏮 とな。ほうほう。 甘酒+炭酸🍹 なお味だけど、激甘なので氷を溶かしてる最中です😂👌🏻日本酒や甘酒好きは好きなやつです😁❤️ #北大路欣也ラブ #渋オジ様最高 #無添くら寿司 #シャリコーラ #甘酒 #日本酒 #激甘注意 #米 #japan #回転寿司 #SUSHI #sharicola #シャリ #話題の #北大路欣也

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Where else but in the land of all things trendy (and bizarre) can a cola be inspired by sushi? And that it has to be invented by a conveyor belt sushi chain makes it even more exotic. Shari cola is a just-launched beverage that is available at Kura Zushi chain of restaurants. The cola is made using amazake, a traditional non-alcoholic drink, which contains fermented sushi rice or kome koji, a dash of rice vinegar and water.

Fermenting sushi rice is an age old Japanese tradition and amazake has been lauded for its health benefits and even consumed as a sports drink. Amazake is nutrient rich with high levels of calcium, Vitamin B, iron and potassium among other minerals. But how healthy a carbonated drink made using amazake remains to be seen.

The cola has been launched in the hope that it will appeal to those who aren’t fans of raw sea food but love the taste of koji. Sounds like a perfect drink for tourists too. Besides Shari cola, which takes its name from sushi rice, Kura Zushi also launched the Shari curry pan, a sushi rice flavoured curry bread.

Japanese grand master of tea, Sen no Rikyū, had he been alive, would have thoroughly disapproved since that the cola reportedly  uses water from a source in Kyoto, which supplied water for his celebrated tea ceremonies. These were no ordinary events, but called for royal gatherings and even forged political alliances 500 years ago.

But for all those who visit Japan, Shari cola may just be on the list of drinks to try and bring back even.