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Weekender eater: Superfoods and Mouttabel in Bangalore

Weekender eater: Superfoods and Mouttabel in Bangalore

Hummus crostini at Foodhall

Snack on some oven-baked zucchini or beetroot chips with bell pepper, greek or garlic dips at the Healthy Foods and Superfood festival at Foodhall. There’s no guilt involved in loading up on rye bread or blueberry, walnut, almond and flaxseed sugar-free granola or banana, is there? In the mood for some superfood? Dig into the wild rice pilaf or the triple mushroom quinoa risotto. And if you haven’t yet had the dish that’s the international craze right now – a Hawaiian Poke Bowl – have one right now! Make the deconstructed version of sushi with brown rice or a spring salad, choose from teriyaki prawns to miso marinated fish, and top up with lots of veggies and dressing. And did we mention the banana and chia teacake with flaxseeds and almonds for dessert? Rs 100 onwards, Until September 8



The South Louisiana Shrimp Remoulade at the Polo Club, Oberoi

Native to Louisiana and found throughout New Orleans, Creole food has strong European, African and native American roots. And if we’ve got you salivating for some, you can head to Polo Club at The Oberoi for their ongoing Soul Selection promotion that celebrates the richness of Creole cuisine. There’s Eggs Sardou (artichokes, poached eggs, spinach, ham, glazed with hollandaise), South Louisiana Shrimp Remoulade, Catfish beignets and a whole host of other traditional Creole dishes. And what better way to enjoy them than with some rum infusions with flavours like raspberry and rose, pineapple and cardamom, plum mojito and apple and fennel to name a few. Rs 850 onwards, until August 28 

Paneer Podi Porichathu

Paneer Podi Porichathu at Southindies

Vegetarians rejoice, because Southindies is hosting a festival tailored just for you – a vegetarian buffet, that promises to be king-size. And with 35 dishes on the menu, along with a live starters bar, a live appam and kuzhipaniyaram station and loads of desserts on offer, we think you could be feasting on this for a long time to come. The menu showcases the culinary delights from the various South Indian states – whether its pazham puri (banana fried in crisp batter) avail, kai kari stew (mixed vegetable stew),  banana dosa, paneer lodi porichathu, Urlai podimas (baby potatoes tossed in dry spices), rasam, adaipradamam (rice flakes, jaggery and coconut milk based dessert) or the ever popular curd rice. Rs 477 onwards, Until Aug 31

Indulge your love for the flavours of the Middle East at the ongoing Middle Eastern Food Festival at Mynt. Drawing inspiration from dishes at ‘Souk’ at the Taj Mahal Palace and Towers, Chef Sandip Narang and his team have come up with a menu that celebrates the tastes and textures of this cuisine. Savouries like Mouttabel (char grilled aubergines pureed with sesame paste and olive oil), Fattoush (traditional middle eastern green salad topped with crispy bread), Hummus (chickpea puree with sesame paste and olive oil), Muhammara dates (kimia dates stuffed with fiery red pepper, walnuts and pistachio dip), Falafel (fried chickpea, garlic and onion nuggets), Rubian Meshwi (char grilled prawns marinated in traditional Lebanese spices), Lamb tagine (lamb cooked with preserved lime and olives in flavoured onion and saffron sauce) make their way to menu as do desserts like Baklawa (traditional Lebanese phyllo and mixed nut pastries) and Omali (baked phyllo pastry with reduced milk). Rs 1,800, until August 27