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Five ways to add fibre-rich foods to your diet



A high fibre diet has numerous health benefits
The importance of a high fibre diet cannot be overstressed. From nutritionists to doctors to your fitness-conscious neighbour, everyone vouches for a diet that is rich in fibre. And, not without reason. Foods rich in fibre have numerous health benefits. They can help manage blood sugar, keep the bowels moving smoothly, and some high fibre foods, since they help you remain fuller for longer — cucumber, for example — can aid in weight loss. A high fibre diet has also been linked to increased cardiovascular health and it also helps keeps a stroke at bay; plus, among many other benefits, it is also good for your skin. So, what are the high fibre foods that you should be having?
Well, let’s start with fruits, and consider, for example, the pear. The pear is a fruit that is often overlooked, but it contains a lot of fibre, and you should make it a point to have it with its skin intact. Rajma, or kidney beans, too, are great sources of fibre, so keep having that rajma chawal fairly regularly. And, also load up on hummus, because chickpeas, besides containing a whole lot of the good stuff, including Omega-6 fatty acids and manganese, are also great sources of fibre. Brown rice, which has way more fibre than white rice, and peas, too, should feature more prominently in your diet. Here, we take a look at five recipes, from rajma raita to masala oats, to include more fibre-rich foods in your diet.
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