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How to eat healthy even when you get the munchies at midnight

How to eat healthy even when you get the munchies at midnight

Late night snacking can include a fruit. Photograph by Dave Shafer/Flickr

Ideally, one’s last meal should be atleast two hours before they sleep. “I tell people to completely avoid snacking after their dinner and they usually don’t if their meals are spaced out well during the day,” says Mumbai-based fitness and nutrition expert Samreedhi Goel, “But if you’re jet lagged or are working late and snacking late seems unavoidable, don’t give in to a carb craving.”

These are some of the foods that Goel, who is also the founder of the fitness studio, SizeWise, recommends in case of these exceptions. As always, controlling the portions you eat late at night plays a key role in not only how well you sleep later, but also the kind of nutrition you’ll gain from this late night eating. “It’s better to add something of value that nourishes you instead of eating things like a bar of chocolate, which just adds calories,” she says, “You can have one of these foods if you get hungry a couple of hours after your dinner.”


nuts - Mariya ChornaPhotograph by Mariya Chorna/Flickr

Nuts add Omega-3 fatty acids to your diet. “You can one or two almonds or walnuts.”

Dried Fruit

“One or two apricots is the acceptable quantity of dried fruit that you can eat at night.”


“You can have a small quantity of nuts such as sunflower seeds – say 1 teaspoon of sunflower seeds.”


milk by Health Gauge flickrPhotograph by Health Gauge/Flickr

“Warm milk helps you sleep better so I’d recommend a glass of milk. You can also have milk at room temperature or slightly cold.” Milk also helps in increasing folic acid and strengthens bones.


“You can also have a small serving of dahi.” Yoghurt is great for digestion and is one of the more soothing foods that can be included in your diet.


“A few slices of pear or an apple is OK for a late night snack.”