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Macaron ice cream sandwiches are taking over our time lines


macaron ice creamPhotograph by Mariko/Flickr

Now we’ve seen everything. If it wasn’t bad enough that the exquisite French pastry has been rendered utterly tasteless by stuffing a chunk of ice cream into it and calling it a macaron ice cream sandwich, cafes and ice cream parlours across the world are onto a new craze – lurid toppings. What’s more baffling is that this monstrous dessert rather popular on Instagram. Or maybe we shouldn’t be surprised since Freak Shakes were trendy for a week or so too. While rainbow sprinkles seem to be a hot favourite of Instagrammers, there’s everything from mini French toasts to cereal. That’s decided then – we’re calling these things Freak Macarons.

Of all the toppings, this one might be the least offensive – Kinder chocolate pop rocks at MIMA Ice Cream in Barcelona


Nutella in your Freak Macaron? It can’t get worse than rainbow sprinkles.


Why not have high-sugar cereal for breakfast and dessert?


They’re also calling this the Donut ice cream for no good reason.


Can’t have just one. Give us a whole box of Freak Macarons.


At Square Bar Cafe in California, there’s sprinkles, caramel and mini French toast crunch. Diabetes, here we go.

Do we want them here in India? We think not.