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Food Memory Project: Kulfi Falooda in Matunga and Pista Sandwich ice cream at K.Rustom’s


orange popsicle - Sarah BuckleyOrange lollies on hot summer days and pista sandwich ice creams on weekends. Photograph by Sarah Buckley/Flickr

When I was really young – say about six or seven years old – I loved the orange candy (popsicle) we got at an Irani place close to my house. I lived in Sion then and Joy and Kwality Ice Creams were very famous. So whenever it was a time for a treat, I was allowed to get myself an orange candy and would eat it as I walked back home.

I also loved kulfi falooda as a kid. This was kulfi with sabja and rose syrup. My father would take us to watch a movie at Aurora theatre in Matunga every other Sunday and the evening would end with kulfi falooda. We used to buy it from a seller who sat with his ice box of kulfis on the same compound as the theatre. I still love faloodas and the rose sabja ice cream that I created some three years ago is our most popular flavour today. Even today, when I go to Crawford market for some shopping, I have to stop by Badshah Cold Drinks for their kulfi falooda.

When I was older, in class four, we moved to Breach Candy. But I must have been in class six or so when I began another weekend tradition of ice creams. It was a ritual to walk from Warden Road to Chowpatty. My friend and I would go to Cream Centre every Saturday or Sunday for a bowl of ice cream sundae. I also liked the Tutti Fruity flavour from here.

On school days, I remember that school would be open only for half a day on Saturdays. So K.Rustom’s in Churchgate was a fixed stop after school every Saturday. I really enjoyed the Pista ice cream, which was served between two wafer biscuits. I can’t imagine a life without ice cream and all the things that we did as kids for our favourite ice creams.

As told to Lalitha Suhasini

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