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From a corn-kerneler to a note-organiser, our kitchen-gadgets wishlist



The Amco Corn-Kerneler

I cook every weekend, and during the weekend, the kitchen is my favourite space at home. (So is the couch, right in front of the tele, but that’s another story.) I’m also a kitchen gadget freak, and spend hours browsing for stuff, some of which I have the means to acquire and others that I drop into my ‘someday’ list. I recently spent some time browsing, and found stuff that I wish would grace my kitchen sooner rather than later.

Amco One-Step Corn-Kerneler
We all love boiled corn, but husking it is a job we seldom enjoy. This corn-kerneler comes with special stainless steel blades that adjust according to the width of the corn cob to help remove kernels in a single swift motion. All you need to do is insert the narrow end of the cob and press straight down.

Dreamfarm Gripet Note Organiser

Photograph via Dreamfarm

If, like us, you want your kitchen to be an organised, neat space and despise using tapes or magnets on your fridge for notes, bills et al, this one’s an ideal investment. The Gripet Note Organiser secures sheets via friction and gravity instead of glue. A quick-grip and release system means you can remove and insert notes without any trouble (up to 3mm only). Simply mount on your fridge drawer (magnetic or adhesive mounts) and keep those reminders handy.


RotimaticImage via Rotimatic

A robot that makes perfectly round rotis, the Rotimatic is the invention of a Singapore-based Indian couple. Sleek and compact, the model uses artificial intelligence, based on patented adaptive technology, to get the job done. Add in flour, oil, water and salt in and the Rotimatic will churn out about approximately 15 rotis in a single batch. The usability isn’t just limited to rotis, you can also add dry spices like turmeric or chili powder to make those masala rotis for breakfast. The pre-order batch is already sold out, but this gizmo is totally worth the wait.

Greater Goods Perfect Portions Digital Scale
If you’re watching your weight and need to track your calorie intake, this gadget will soon become your best friend. This battery-operated scale has an inbuilt database to measure the nutritional content of about 2000 foods, and you can make approximately 99 customisations to suit your needs. Whether it’s measuring individual ingredients or tracking full meals, the four precision weighing sensors can handle it all.

Oster Electric Wine Opener

The cool-looking Oster Electric Wine Opener makes for a neat addition to your bar. A single charge with the compact recharging base allows you to open up to 30 wine bottles. An inbuilt foil-cutter helps remove wine seals without any hassles while a single touch of the button uncorks the wine.