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Eating at, and sketching, Bangalore’s iconic restaurants


Shikha Nambiar is a Bangalore-based former corporate lawyer turned artist. She recently completed a personal project called 100 Days of Bengaluru, in which she makes her adopted city — Nambiar was born and brought up in Pune — come alive through her sketches. Over the last three-odd months, Nambiar, who also designs postcards, fridge magnets and stationery under her brand Sunny Skies Starry Eyes, has captured Bangalore’s heritage, people and, of course, food. She has eaten at, and sketched, many of the city’s iconic restaurants, from MTR to Shivaji Military Hotel.

“I am particularly fond of places that have a distinct character that makes them interesting to draw,” says Nambiar. “I love the courtyard ambience of Dyu Art Cafe, in Koramangala. Toit is also great during the day for its natural lighting and greenery.” Nambiar says she usually carries a sketchbook and black fine liners with her when she goes to a restaurant. “If I end up drawing at the restaurant, it is usually line drawings and quick doodles. For a full-fledged illustration, I take a lot of pictures of the food and place and work on it once I’m back home with all my art supplies.” Nambiar, who is now working on an illustrated series on Turkish food, plans to turn her 100 Days of Bengaluru sketches  — you could check all them out here as well — into a travel guide.