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Learn to make macarons

Learn to make macarons

Photograph via Wisk by Cakesmiths

If you’re no novice with an oven and are a fan of macarons, but find that the patisserie variety are awfully sweet, a macaron making class maybe in order.

The macaron is by no means an easy pastry to make, which is why trying to work with a regular recipe off the internet may not be the best idea. The melt-in-your-mouth French pastry requires some serious quality control right from how you whisk the batter for the meringue cookies to how much almond flour you use to how much food colouring you add. Beat the egg whites too much and you end up with a macaron that crumbles at touch, and too much colour leaves you with a batch of revolting-looking macarons.

This week, Wisk by Cake Smiths, offers a beginner’s level course in macaron making. In four hours, you can learn how to make three different flavours of macarons. On the list are Lemon Buttercream and Curd macaron, White Chocolate & Vanilla macaron and Pistachio Buttercream macaron. In the class, you not only learn basics and other technicalities to make an authentic French macaron but also tips on flavour creation. The class will also include troubleshooting tips just in case you do end up adding a tad too much sugar.

Plus, you get to take home all the macarons that you make.

To sign up for the course, go here